Transformative Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Get the Bright White Smile You've Always Wanted

Is the color of your smile not something you're comfortable with? Get the bright white you've always wanted with Zoom! Teeth Whitening available at Summit Family Dentistry. We'll have you ready to show off the results in no time!
Teeth Whitening

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Sometimes the things we do every day can contribute to the staining of our teeth. Drinking red wine, tea, cola, and coffee as well as smoking can play a detrimental role.

Teeth whitening can dramatically improve the look of your smile and anyone can benefit from it. To ensure a better overall experience, you should have a whitening procedure that is convenient, long-lasting, safe, and performed by a dental professional.

At Summit Family Dentistry, we use the Zoom! Teeth Whitening method. It's a simple procedure where we use a high-powered peroxide gel that is activated by the Zoom light. Once the gel penetrates the tooth, there is a release of oxygen that removes the stains. 

There are many store-bought home teeth whitening kits on the market today, but nothing comes close to the results you’ll get from Zoom!
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